Wicked Hills Off Road - Injured Person Evacuation Plan

1. Call Jeff LaVerdiere @ 207-649-6834. If Jeff is not on duty, call Course Manager @---- --- ----. Jeff or Manager will call 911 emergency and coordinate with them. Describe illness/injury to the best of our knowledge and where to meet.

2. Dispatch personnel with First Aid training to the accident site.

3. Jeff or Course Manager will meet rescue at specified location, ie. top of mountain (271 Parmenter Hill Rd.) or Pit gate and escort to accident site.

4. Provide trail maps to all rescue personnel and mark location of accident on the map.

5. Wicked Hills ORP will provide transportation of rescue personnel to and from the accident site if needed.

6. Course Manager is required to get name and contact number of emergency responder in charge, in the event we need to contact them during the rescue or at a later time.


NOTICE: All Wicked Hills Employees must review these emergency procedures and sign & date.


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