Wicked Hills Off Road Park - Check in Procedures

Please be there by posted time to meet & greet and go over trail ride!

Wicked Hills Off Road Park - General Rules

Use Common Sense and Respect Others!

Wicked Hills Off Road - Injured Person Evacuation Plan

1. Call Jeff LaVerdiere @ 207-649-6834. If Jeff is not on duty, call Course Manager @---- --- ----. Jeff or Manager will call 911 emergency and coordinate with them. Describe illness/injury to the best of our knowledge and where to meet.

2. Dispatch personnel with First Aid training to the accident site.

3. Jeff or Course Manager will meet rescue at specified location, ie. top of mountain (271 Parmenter Hill Rd.) or Pit gate and escort to accident site.

4. Provide trail maps to all rescue personnel and mark location of accident on the map.

5. Wicked Hills ORP will provide transportation of rescue personnel to and from the accident site if needed.

6. Course Manager is required to get name and contact number of emergency responder in charge, in the event we need to contact them during the rescue or at a later time.


NOTICE: All Wicked Hills Employees must review these emergency procedures and sign & date.


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Wicked Hills Off Road - Hazardous Materials Spill Control Plan

*First and foremost, the person who causes the spill is responsible for protecting people, animals and the environment. They will also be responsible for the clean-up and disposal costs of contaminated materials.

Take responsibility, be proactive and protect our environment!

When a spill occurs the following steps must be taken to protect people and property.

1. Make sure everyone in the area knows you have a spill. Call Wicked Hills management. {Jeff LaVerdiere 207-649-6834}

2. Use Oil control pads eg. "Pig Pads" and oil-dry granules eg. "Speedy Dri" to stop the spill where it is. (These items will be available for purchase, at check-in, if you do not already have them onboard.) It is important to keep the spill from spreading and contaminating earth or water.

3. Wicked Hills management will bring spill control and clean-up items to the site ASAP. These will include, oil pads, oil-dry granules, catch pans, shovels, rakes, rubber gloves, HD drum liners or 55 gal. barrel as needed, fire extinguishers, respirator, protective glasses, lights plus chains& straps. We will also carry "Plug n Dike granules. This product can be mixed with water, windshield wash and other common liquids to make a paste used to seal oil, fuel and other leaks temporarily. Ask if you would like to purchase some.

4. Always try to stop the leak as to prevent further contamination.

5. Spill control lockers are located on the map and have basic spill control items inside if you need more to control a spill. Please don’t take the supplies "just in case".

6. Contaminated materials must be removed from the site and placed in appropriate containers that will allow transport and proper disposal. Small spills can be cleaned with shovels and 5 gallon plastic pails with sealed covers. Larger spills will require the use of an excavator and 55 gallon drums. Wicked Hills will oversee the proper disposal of contaminated materials.

7. Hazardous Materials spills will be reported to DEP @ 1-800-482-0777

8. Local Officials to contact:

George Studley – 207-968-2949 Chief, China, Me.

Richard Morse – 207-445-2948 Chief, So. China, Me.

George Oliver - 207-445-2353 Chief, Palermo, Me.

Wicked Hills Off Road - Trail Safety

We will discuss before our ride!